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Greens valid from 24.06.2024

The Greens shop flyer, which is current between 24.06.2024 and 15.07.2024, offers all the special products on the 4 pages. Browse through the whole leaflet to find out about all the current bargains Greens has to offer.

If you have already seen the Greens leaflet from Monday to 15.07.2024 and are interested in viewing a different period, then you can either return to the listing of all Greens leaflets by clicking on the store logo above the leaflet. Doing so will provide the option of choosing from all current and future offers. If you're interested in browsing flyers from other stores, then the easiest way is to click on the MrOferto logo at the top of the page. This will take you to the homepage of the site which shows the most popular brands in your area, and what they have to offer.

On MrOferto, you will also find tips and tricks that help make your shopping experience easier! This includes tips on helping you prepare your favourite dishes or giving you new ideas and inspiration for what those daily meals might be. All this information can be found in our magazine.

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